This service is for any actor that can't make an audition, maybe because it's in another country, or because they just can't make it for another reason and the casting director has invited them to send in their audition on tape, disc or via email/web link. This session is split into two categories Part service or Full service.

Full service "Audition on Tape"

This service involves recording the audition at my Wimbledon studio, using professional lighting rig, microphone and camera set up, full script analysis, direction, feedback, advice (If wanted or needed), selecting the best take, providing a basic video edit with front/rear fade in/out Ident info, casting director, reading for title etc. Then it's exported into suitable format (MP4, Flv, Swf, Mpeg2) then emailed to casting director via private large file email service and/or uploaded onto web platform, so it can be viewed anywhere in the world, with Password Security Protect (Vital for US scripts with confidentiality clauses). A disc of the audition can also be burnt for you to take away if required.

Part service "Audition on Tape"

This service is slightly cheaper than the full service option and involves recording your audition on camera with professional lighting rig, and mic, as many takes as you need then burnt onto a disc for you to take away. Be advised that with this service, it is up to the actor to edit, upload, or email the chosen audition take, from the provided disc.

To book either of these services from John Melainey The Casting Coach, simply ring or text John's mobile number (see Contact Me page) leaving your name, contact number, service you want and when your audition needs to be submitted. You will then be contacted to arrange time slot and payment method. The easiest way to book is use the Paypal 'Add to Cart' button above and follow the instuctions. However cash, cheque and bank transfers are accepted. Sessions are available: 8am till 10pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday all times are schedule dependent, please contact John Melainey for next available slot.
Minimum booking time is 60 minutes. Flexibility and discretion will apply as appropriate.

john Melainey The Casting Coach -Casting on Camera service
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