Competition for acting jobs in today's climate is fierce. So when you are invited to audition it is more important than ever to prepare like you have never prepared before. The "Audition Ready Now" service is a bespoke coaching session which will get you primed and ready, giving you the best chance of getting the job. The Ideal scenario is to leave my studio and head straight for the audition, so you walk in confident and ready, however this isn't always possible. So as soon as you know your audition time and date get in touch with me and book yourself in. This has proven a very successful process for many of my students:

What happens next....?

What does the "Audition Ready Now" session cover....?

john Melainey Audition Ready now Private coaching from the casting coach
One to One Audition coaching by john Melainey The Casting Coach click to see John Melainey on My Space click to  see john Melainey on Vimeo click to visit john melainey on Linked in click to view facebook click to see john melainey on IMDB

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