One-to-One Services

John Melainey One-to-One private audition coaching, is broken down into 4 main categories. please choose from the adjacent menu.

Audition Ready Now

Most castings and auditions are arranged with very little notice, So
this Service has been designed along the lines of the emergency doctors appointment. Ideal for scripted Film and Tv auditions.

Improve Your Casting Technique

Whether you are a professional actor, household name or complete beginner, if you improve your audition technique, your chances of getting the job will also increase. Be ready for that vital audition

Casting On Camera

This is a more advanced service and for actors who have been invited to audition via tape because they can't make the casting. Usually because it's in a different country. British actors for LA castings.

Improve your Sight reading

This is a vital skill for all auditioning actors. Don't wait till it's to late.

john Melainey The Casting Coach One to one private audition tuition click to see John Melainey the Audition Coach during his acting career Click to View John Melainey the Audition Coach on IMDB click to view pdf of Coaching price plan for The Audition Coach John Melainey click to view pdf document of full details of Audition Coaching services and price plans by john Melainey the Audition Coach

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